Manage Contacts

This service allows the Libyan Spider clients to add another contact to their accounts.The new contact

would be able to receive notifications sent by Libyan Spider. The type of the received emails,  general emails – product – invoices ..etc., is determined by the existing client.

Add Contacts

To add a new contact, login to your account in the client area at

1.  Choose “Manage Contacts” from the drop-down list.

2.  Enter the required contact details, and select the type of emails you want to be sent to the new client form “Email Preferences”.

3.  Click “Save Changes”

Edit Contacts

1.  Choose the contact that you want to Edit his information.

2.  Do the requirement modification ,then click “save changes”.

 Delete Contacts

1. Choose the contact that you want to delete it then click “delete contact” .