Aman Pay QR

Aman Pay QR is a payment method provided by Aman Bank – Libya.

By using Aman Pay QR payment method you may now pay your invoices with Libyan Spider via client area.

  • Login to your client area account
  • From the main menu choose Billing > My invoices

  • Choose the invoice you want to pay


  • From payment method list choose “Aman Pay QR” and click pay now

  • A pop up window will show the QR required to scan using Aman Pay QR Mobile Application

  • Using Aman Pay QR app will scan the showing QR and following the payment process from the App

  • After scanning the QR and payment details windows will showing in the mobile app, we’ll choose the bank account from account list and enter the Amount, the amount should match the invoice total amount in order to complete the payment process successfully

  • After press send button a confirmation window will show entered details after confirmation click send again

  • After completing the payment process the confirmation windows will show the reference number, we’ll use this reference number to complete the invoice payment


  • Enter the reference number inside “Reference ID”, the reference ID will be sent by Email or by SMS


Notice: Reference ID it may take up to 5 minutes to be able to use it to complete the payment process

  • If the entered Reference number is correct the payment will be completed successfully



  • The payment should match the total invoice amount
  • Aman Pay QR payment method can’t be used to add credit to your account
  • Reference ID should be entered in order to complete the payment process


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