Backing up Microsoft Outlook 2007

Backing up Microsoft Outlook 2007
This tutorial will provide a general overview of how to backup your email using Microsoft Outlook 2007 on a Windows based PC.
The first step to creating a backup of your email is to clean up its contents. Delete all email that you do not need or do not wish to have a backup of. Especially delete emails with attachments that you no longer need, to save disk space.

The next step is to organize the emails you wish to backup into folders. You can create multiple folders to store related emails in one place. Organizing your email in this way will make it easier to restore the emails you may require at a later date.

Backing up Email
Once you have organized your email, you are ready to start the backing up process. To make a backup of an email folder, first launch the Outlook 2007 application. Then click on the File menu and select Import and Export

backup outlook

In the window that opens, choose the option Export to a file from the list of actions. Then click on the Next button to continue.

backup outlook2

In the Create a file of type box, select Personal Folder File (.pst) and click the Next button to continue.

backup outlook3

In the Select folder to export from box, select the folder you wish to make a backup of. In the Figure below, the folder named Inbox was selected. Check Include subfolders if the exporting folder contains subfolders. Also the filter button allows a wide range of choices to export only certain messages within the folder. Click on the Next button to continue.

backup outlook4

In the next window that opens, Outlook asks for a location to save the exported file. Click on the Browse button to change the default location. Choose an easy to remember location, or save to your desktop for easy access if it will be stored on removable media (e.g. flash drive). Be sure to give the exported file a descriptive name. In the Options section, choose the most appropriate option for your needs. Then click on the Finish button to continue.

backup outlook5

A new window will now open, asking you to create a Microsoft Personal Folder. Give the folder a descriptive name, such as UH Email Backup as in the sample figure below. Enter a password if you would like to password protect the file from other users.

backup outlook6

That’s it. You have just created a backup of the selected email folder. You can repeat this process to backup other email folders if you wish. To free up disk space and your quota, you may delete the messages you backed up.
Restoring Email from a Personal File Folder
At some point in the future, you may want to restore your email from one of the backups you made.

To start the restoration process, first launch MS Outlook 2007. Then go to the File menu and select Import and Export

backup outlook7

In the window that opens, select to Import from another program or file. Click on the Next button to continue.

backup outlook8

In the following window, scroll down the list of file types and select Personal Folder File (.pst). Click on the Next button to continue.

backup outlook9

Next, click on the Browse button to locate the Personal Folder File you wish to restore your email from. Select the appropriate option for your purposes. In this case, a backup.pst file was created during the backup process earlier in this tutorial so that is the file that will be restored. Click on the Next button to continue.

backup outlook10

If you created a password for the pst file, enter it to open the file. Then click on the OK button to continue. Note: you will not receive this dialogue box if you did not create a password.

backup outlook11

Next, select the folder you want to import from. If the folder you backed up had subfolders, you may select just the subfolder to restore. You also have two options on where to import the folders to. You may choose to import the items into the currently selected folder (highlighted in the Navigation Pane), or into the same folder that’s already created in your email account. In the figure below, the option was selected to restore the email into the same folder in the Personal Folders (Inbox). Since it is going to the Personal Folders it will not be stored on the UH server where it would consume quota.

backup outlook12

That’s it. Outlook will import the email messages from the personal folder file and into the email folder you selected. These email messages will now be a part of your email.

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