How do I change PHP version in cPanel?

Step One (Login):

Browse to your website cPanel (eg: )

  • Enter your Username.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click Log in.

cPanel login

Alternatively you can access your cPanel from your Client Area.

Step Two (Search):

In the search box search for Select PHP Version, then click on it.

Or scroll down to SOFTWARE > Select PHP Version.
select php version search

Step Three (PHP version and extensions):

In PHP Selector page:

  1. Choose the version you would like to use from the drop down menu.
  2. Click Set as current.

select the php version you want

A list of extensions will appear

  • To add a PHP extensions check the box next to the extensions you want.
  • To remove a PHP extensions remove the tick from the box next to the extensions that you don’t want.
  • Click Save to save your changes.
  • You can click on Use Defaults to reset the default extensions for that version.

You can’t add or remove extensions to the native PHP version.

PHP modules list

Step Four (Configure PHP options):

To configure PHP option click Switch to PHP Options.
Switch to PHP Options

Click the value next to the option you want to configure, after you configure it, click Apply then Save to save the changes you made.

Configure PHP Options

For further questions, you can Submit a ticket or you can visit our support center.

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