How do I change my Security Question and Answer?

What is a security question?

Security questions provides an extra layer of security to further verify your identity when you sign up to a Client Area account. This added security feature will also help to minimize the risk of potential unauthorized access to your personal and financial information.

How to choose and answer security questions?

Security questions are often easy to guess and can often bypass passwords, keep this in mind when choosing the answer. Choose something that would be difficult for other people to find out or guess.

The answers to many security questions, from “What is your birthday?” to “Where did you go to high school?” are public knowledge, if anyone cares to look. They may even be able to search for them on Google. Even if the answers aren’t public knowledge already, most normal people will share details in social media.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to answer questions accurately, you can refer to something related to the real answer and hard to be guessed.

You can manage your Client Area account and change your Security Question by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Client Area account, then click on Security Settings.Security Question-1
  2. Next, you can choose to change your security question from the drop down menu. Enter the answer for your security question, confirm it, and then click Save Changes.Security Question-2

For further questions, you can Submit a ticket or you can visit our Support center.

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