how to check your website Metrics from Client Area.

The Awstats tool provides very useful information about the visits on your website. In this article, we will explain what information stands behind each part of the statistics you see in Awstats.

You can check your website status through Client Area account as follow:


  • Enter your email address and password.

  • From Hosting & Services drop-down menu, select My Hosting & Services.


  • A list of Hosting owned by you will appear, choose the Hosting that you want to see its stats and click on Active.

  • At Manage Account section, you will find a list of cPanel features. Click on Metrics.

  • There are three types of status, Webalizer, AWStats and Analog Stats. Click on the icon of any status you would like to use.

AWStats: AWStats is without a doubt the most preferred website statistics tool and It is a free software. AWStats graphically generates advanced web, streaming, ftp, or mail server statistics. This analyzer shows you very detailed and complete information on just a few graphical web pages. It is also fast and updates information often.

Webalizer: The Webalizer is a fast, full-featured, and free website statistics tool. It withdraws and analyzes information from the web server and produces highly detailed reports in HTML format.

Analog: The Analog is a fast, scalable, and free website statistics tool. It is a highly configurable application that reports in 32 languages and works on any operating system.

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