Add add-on domains from cpanel

Through the Add-on Domains feature, you can host additional domains in your account. It allows you to reach a domain when entering the name of the add-on domain into a browser.

  • To access the Add-on Domains tool, click on the corresponding icon located on the main screen of your cPanel interface.


  • Enter the name of the addon domain in the blank field next to New Domain Name.



Make sure that the nameservers of the addon domain are similar to the nameservers of the hosting domain 


  • The blank fields next to subdomain and Document Root will be filled automatically, click on Add Domain.

  • If you want to Create an FTP account associated with your Addon Domain select the check box next to Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain.
  • Enter your FTP Username and  the password for the new addon domain.
  • Click on Add Domain.


  • To remove an add-on domain, click on Remove.
  • You can also redirect the add-on domain to another URL using the Manage Redirection.

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