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You can use autoresponders to automatically send a message back to anyone who sends an email to a specified account. Possible scenarios in which you may use autoresponders include when you are on vacation, unavailable, or if you have a generic message that you wish to send from a support email address.

Create an Auto Responders

  • Access to your account in cPanel App. If you don’t an account, please click here to create one.
  • Click on the list icon on the top left and then click Auto Responders.


  • Click Add and fill the required information and click Submit.

Email – This is where you enter the email address that you wish to respond to. For the email to reach your email inbox after the cPanel Autosponder sends out a response, you will need to have either created an email address or an email forwarder so that the incoming email has somewhere to go.

From – Enter the email address here that you wish the email to come from. This does not need to be an active email.

Subject – Enter the subject of the email that you wish to send out as your Auto Response.

Interval – This is the interval in which an auto response will send another email to the same person. For example, if you receive from email to the autoresponder will immediately reply. However, if sends you another email, the cPanel autoresponder will not send another email until the time period set by the autoresponder expires. This is useful to prevent prevent you spamming someone’s inbox with the same message, which can look unprofessional if you receive many emails from the same person over a short period of time.

Start – Here you can click to have the cPanel autoresponder start immediately or schedule for some future date, i.e. when you are away on holiday.

Stop – Again, here you can schedule the end date of your autoreponder, i.e. for when you return from holiday.


Remove an Auto Responders

  • To remove an Auto Responders, check the Auto Responders that you want to remove and click on the trash icon on the bottom right.


  • A confirmation message will appear, click on Confirmation Delete then Close.



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