Domain Comparison: Parked (Alias) vs Addon Domains

In this article we will list the main differences between parked (Alias) and add-on domains:

Parked (Alias) domain

Parked or Alias domain is an additional domain name that forwards you to the primary domain. You can use parked domains when you have more than one domain that leads to your primary domain.


  •   You can park as many domains as you want.
  •   Ideal for multiple domains sharing the same website.


  • Can not be used for a separate website.
  • Shares the logs of the main domain.
  • Shares the stats of the main domain.

Addon domain

Addon domains is a domain that has it’s own website. That means that you can add more then a website on the same package.


  • Can be used for a website separate than the main one.
  • Uses separate logs.
  • Uses separate stats.
  • Has its own VirtualHost entry in the Apache configuration.


  • You have to purchase an addon slot to host an add-on domain.
  • Shares the same hosting space as the main website.

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