cPanel App-Email Forwarders

1. Login into your cPanel App and click on the Email Forwarders under Email Functions menu.

2. Click on Add at the bottom of the window .


3. In the provided fields, select the domain name and the email address you wish to forward from.

Forwarding options :

– Forward to email : Type the email address which will receive a copy from every email sent to the The original email address mentioned above.
– Pipe to program.
– Bounce email : A failure message will be returned to the sender.

Click on Submit button to create the Email Forwarder.


4. A confirmation window will appear , click on Close to finish and back to the forwarders list or Add More to add another Email Forwarder .


5. Remove Email Forwarder :

To remove an Email Forwarder click on the checkbox in the front of the required address or click on Check all on the bottom of the window to select all the Email Forwarders , then click on the Trash icon in the right corner at the bottom.




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