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There are two ways to access FTP to your website, first one by using internet browsers as Firefox & Chrom or using software called Filezilla.

Using Browser:

1. Type in the browser search ftp://yourdomain.ly as an examble.
2. It will show sub-page asked for username and password. Enter your username (user@yourdomain.ly) and password.

Using Filezilla:

FileZilla is a powerful and free software for transferring files over the Internet. FileZilla is a very popular FTP client and is used by webmasters from all over the world.

  1. First download the Filezilla software and installed on your device:
    To download Filezilla, click here
  2. Open your FileZilla installation and enter the following details:
    Hostname – enter your domain name
    Username – enter the FTP username (you can use your cPanel username or the one of a new FTP account);
    Password – enter the corresponding FTP password;
    Port – enter the FTP port (by default it is 21);
  3. Click on the Quickconnect button the establish the FTP connection.


Once the FTP connection is opened you will see the listing of the remote server’s files and folders.

Drag and drop files and folders in the public_html folder under the Remote site area. In this way they will be accessible through your domain name.

4. The other actions which you can perform on the files and folders are:

Download – this option allows you to download files and folders from the remote server to your local computer;
Add files to queue – allows to schedule a later transfer of the files;
Create Directory – allows you to create a new folder under your current location;
Delete – using it you can delete files and folders;
Rename – you can rename files and folders;
File Permissions – allows you to change the file permissions of files and folders; You can alter the owner, the group and the public permissions. You can define whether the files are readable, writable and executable.




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