How do I add and manage my CDP Protected Machines?

This article will explain how you can add a new machine to your CDP, and how to manage the existan machines.

First you have to login to your CDP server account by heading over to the client area in our website.

After logging in, you would be redirected to CDP dashboard. You can see your protected machines, disk usage, disk performance, and other performance data you may wish to observe.

To view more options on your machines, click Protected Machines tab on the left.

You can select your protected machines from here. You can add a new machine by selecting New Machine tab, then you will be redirected to the following page:

Now configure the Machine Name, Host IP address, which volumes you wish to store your data in, backup schedule, retention schedule, compression type and encryption type.

To view and configure your protected machines, you are interested in this part of the page.

The labels in the description tab are:

  • Machine Name: To view the names of your vertified machines.
  • Backup: To see if the protected machines are backed up, this means that there is a backed up version/s on this CDP server.
  • Vertified: Vertified means that the CDP server has established connection, and vertified your protected machine.
  • Size on Disk: To view how much data has been created on the backup server.
  • Notes: If you wish to write any notes to this specific machine.
  • Actions: If you choose to do custom actions to this specific machine. This includes backup now option, and open recovery points option, to select actions press on the gear symbol.

How to manually Backup my Protected Machine?

After logging in, just head over to Protected Machines tab on the left, and then choose your machine from the window that you wish to backup. Then click on the gear in the actions tab. This will give you a list of options, these options includes backup now, just press it and the backing up process will start.

How to recover data that has been lost on a protected machine?

After logging in, head over to Protected Machines tab on the left, and then choose your Machine from the window. Click on the gear in the actions tab, this will give you a list of options, these options includes:
Open recover points, press it and the following window shall open.

You can then either choose to select recovery points, or retention points. You will also notice creation dates, just select the date that suits you, and then press the gear under Actions tab, select Browse, the following window shall open.

This option will provide you with access to all your recovered data stored from your protected machines. You can select which file/folders that you wish to be recovered. At this point, you have the ability to choose between downloading this file to your current device that you have accessed your CDP server from or to restore your files to your protected machine remotely if its connection has been vertified.

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