How Do I configure CDP reports?

What are CDP reports?

CDP reports are logs that shows important information mostly task completion logs or errors logs. It’s very easy and useful to use but you need to set up the what information should the report collect first.


How can I setup CDP reports?

Login to your CDP account and head over to Reports tab on the left.

Then select New Report tab.

It will take you to the Create New Report wizard.

Specify what kind of information and tasks you want the report to collect, these includes the kind of the report, the kind of tasks you wish the report to collect, filtering options, mailing options, frequency of the report, and who are the recipients of the report .

You have an option to save the report internally, this means when you log in to the CDP server you can view the report. Or email the report, this means that the report can be sent to your email. Furthermore, you can specify how often the report will run, and various other options that can be easily edit through the wizard.


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