How do I configure Outlook for my Zimbra account?

How do I configure Outlook for my Zimbra account?
With the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Connector for Outlook (ZCO), you can use Microsoft Outlook to access the Email server and synchronize your email messages, tags, contacts including personal distribution lists, personal calendars, and tasks between Outlook and the Email server.


Download and Install Connector

1. Download the “Outlook Connector”, please check welcome Email containing download link.
Note: To access the “Downloads” section, you must be logged into client area.
2. Save the file to your “Desktop,” and close Outlook.
3. Once the it is downloaded, double-click the file to run it.
4. You will now be presented with the installation guide. Press Next at the first screen.
5. When prompted with the license agreement, click Accept. Press Next, and then Next again to start the installation.
6. When the installation finishes, you will be prompted with a message saying the installation is finished but the profile was not set up. Close the message and start Outlook.


Configuring Outlook
You probably already have Outlook setup to check your Email. If you have an IMAP account, you can delete it after this process since the “Zimbra Connector” will check your mail in the same manner as your current IMAP account. If you have a POP3 account, do not delete it.
Note: If your antivirus program, like McAfee, uses an “On-delivery Email Scanner” option, be sure to disable it before following these steps. This feature will dramatically increase the amount of time required for the initial account synchronization process to complete.

1. Under the “File” menu, choose Account Settings.
2. You will now be presented with the “Account Settings” window. Under the “Email” tab, choose New [fig. 01].


3. You will now be presented with the “Add Account” window. Under “Other,” click Zimbra Collaboration Server [fig. 02].

6. You will now be presented with the “Zimbra Server Configuration Settings” page. Enter the information below [fig. 03].
• Server name: (Replace the ‘X’ with your mailhost SENT by email, click Use Secure Connection
• Email address: (replace it with created Email)
• Password: Your  password




7. Click Apply, then OK, and then restart Outlook.

8. Open Outlook. Under the “File” menu, choose Account Settings.

9. In the “Account Settings” screen, highlight the Zimbra Profile under the “Data Files” tab. Then click Set as default


10. Click Close and restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.
Note: When the configuration is finished and you start Outlook, the Zimbra profile should sync your Mailbox, Address Book, Contacts, and Tasks. Unfortunately, it also downloads the Global Address List (GAL) from our e-mail server, which is more or less a directory listing of everybody with a TAMU Email account.

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