How do I manage my CDP policies?

What are CDP policies?

CDP policies are a set of settings that manage each Protected Machine. These settings include:

  • Machine name.
  • Machine description.
  • Backup schedule.
  • Retention schedule.
  • Excluded files.
  • Excluded paths.
  • SQL/mySQL settings.
  • Exchange settings.


How to view and edit CDP policies?

  1. Login into your CDP account.
  2. Head over to Protected Machines tab on the left.
  3. choose your Machine that you wish to change its policy from the window.
  4. click on the gear in the actions tab, this will give you a list of options, these options include, Edit policy, press it and the following window shall open.

Then you can view and edit settings such as:

  • Protected Machine name.
  • Excluded Files.
  • Advanced Excludes, which includes excluded folders and paths.

Also if you wish to modify Backup Schedule, for example you want it to run each hour or each day or maybe each week, you can configure it as you wish under Policy Settings.

There is another option which is local retention under Policy Settings , it schedules how many automatic Backup will be conducted each hour and day and week and month and year all together, be aware that those backups are independent from the scheduled backups and also independent from other retention backups.

There is an important option under Advanced Policy Settings, which is Number of Recovery Points to Retain.

This specify how many Recovery points are saved, you may take notice that this settings those not including the retention points.


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