How do I manage my CDP product?

As a subscribed customer at LibyanSpider, you will be provided with an account to your off-site CDP server. When the need rises, you can login to your CDP server account by heading over to the client area in our website.

After you login you can have the ability to see the dashboard of the CDP server. The area on the left represents the offered CDP services, these services include:

  • Dashboard:
    Where you can see a general view at the CDP server.
  • Protected machines:
    Where you can add a protected machine which is your agent server that you wish to protect,  view your protected machines to Back them up or restore them to a certain recovery point.
  • Reports:
    Which is used to configure and view task logs.
  • Settings:
    It is used to change various settings, like the available volume storage and policies of your backups.
  • Advanced options:
    Where you can view your current software version and license change advanced settings and view various options.


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