How do I upload my website?

Using File Manager

  1. Login to Client Area account and go to Hosting & Services > My Hosting & Services.
  2. In the Products & Services list click on your hosting plan.
  3. Under Manage Account panel click on File Manager

In File Manager page:

  1. Main menu includes these buttons from left to right
    • Upload button to upload files from local computer
    • Create Folder button to create new folders in current directory
    • Compress button to compress selected files and folders
    • Extract button to extract selected archived files
    • Copy button to copy selected files to another directory you have to enter it
    • Move button to cut or move selected files to another directory
    • Delete button to delete selected files
    • Permissions button to set users permissions to selected files
  2. Current directory
  3. List of directory and files in current directory

How to Upload Files?

Go to your desired directory for example “home/public_html” then click on Upload button, select your website folder or files from your computer and then click “Upload”.

You can write full path to destination folder in Upload Path

How to Compress Files and Folders?

  • Select desired folders and files you need to compress from by checking the boxes in the left side and click on Compress button

  • Select Compress type algorithm and full path to Destination File then click  on Compress button

How to Extract Archived Files?

  • If this file in your local computer you have to upload it first
  • Select desired archive files from list files by checking the boxes in the left side

  • Enter destination directory and Click on Extract button to extract.

Important Note: If a destination folder contains files with the same name, files will be overwritten.

Using FTP Protocol

To learn how to upload your website files using FTP protocol, please refer to this article.

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