How To Add Users and Assign Roles in Plesk

Plesk Panel allows you to create various control panel users with different roles. Each user will be able to login to Plesk control panel and will have access to certain and predefined functionality depending on the roles that admin assign to the user.

This article will explain how to manage user roles and how to create additional Plesk users.

Create User Roles:

Step One:

  • Login to Plesk Panel.
  • Click on ‘Users’.

Step Tow:

  • Go to ‘User Roles’ → ‘Create User Role’.

Step Three:

  • Type a name for the new role you are creating.
  • Grant all the services that a user of this role will be able to manage. In this tutorial we are giving the user the ability to ‘Create and manage additional FTP accounts’.
  • Click on ‘OK’ button.


After creating User Roles you can create users and assign a role for the user created.

Create Users:

Step One:

  • Go to ‘User’ → ‘User Accounts’ → ‘Create User Account

Step Tow:

  • Fill the form. And make sure you to chose a proper ‘User role’ for the user.
  • Click on ‘OK


  • Browse to your Plesk Panel login page. (i.e
  • Login by using the new user email and password. ( in our tutorial)
  • You will see all functions and services you assigned for the user.


For more information, you can check Plesk Documentation

For further questions, you can Submit a ticket or you can visit our support center.

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