I can’t send or receive emails!

If you’re having problems sending or receiving email from your cPanel account, you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to assist you in most cases. You might check that your account settings are correct and even perform a password reset from within cPanel in order to troubleshoot this on your own. If it’s some sort of issue with email quota, DNS problems or other issues with the email server itself, your hosting provider is the only one that can assist you with that.

cPanel, Inc. does not provide hosting services. cPanel builds the software that hosting providers use to help automate their operations. As such, cPanel, Inc. does not have access to the server or your cPanel account on it that’s needed to resolve any issues you are experiencing with your website, cPanel account, or email accounts. For something like this you’ll need to contact your hosting provider directly.

If you are unsure of who your hosting provider is, there are multiple ways to try and locate them for support:

  • Search your inbox for any payment or invoice notifications associated with your hosting account.
  • Check your credit card statement for the name of the company you pay for hosting services.
  • Look up details for your domain to determine your hosting provider:http://whois.domaintools.com/
    • Under Whois record tab, scroll down towards the bottom of the listing
    • Under Domain servers in listed order: your domain’s Nameserver will appear (This information may contain the name of your hosting provider).
  • You might also try performing a search for your domain with this tool to locate your provider:http://www.whoishostingthis.com/

Contacting your hosting provider directly is the fastest way to getting your website working again.

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