Increase my Disk Space Usage or Email Account Quota!

If you have an individual email account setup on your cPanel account that runs over it’s quota which has prevented you from sending or recieving email, you can easily raise the quota from within your cPanel interface yourself.

To raise the quota:

  • Log into your cPanel
  • Click the Email Accounts icon in the Mail section
  • Click the: Change Quota link, next to the email address you’d like to modify
  • Type in a larger number and then click the: Change Quota button

If your web hosting account hits its disk space quota you may find that your account has been suspended. Should this happen you’ll need to contact your hosting provider directly for assistance.

If you are unsure of who your hosting provider is, there are multiple ways to try and locate them for support:

  • Search your inbox for any payment or invoice notifications associated with your hosting account.
  • Check your credit card statement for the name of the company you pay for hosting services.
  • Look up details for your domain to determine your hosting provider:
    • Under Whois record tab, scroll down towards the bottom of the listing
    • Under Domain servers in listed order: your domain’s Nameserver will appear (This information may contain the name of your hosting provider).
  • You might also try performing a search for your domain with this tool to locate your provider:

Contacting your hosting provider directly is the fastest way to getting your website working again.

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