I’ve already installed my application manually – can I import it in Softaculous?

Yes, you can add a manually installed application to Softaculous. The two main benefits are:

– You will be able to upgrade the software from the Softaculous interface, directly through your web browser.
– You will be able to create/restore backups of the application from Softaculous, again via your browser.

To import your existing installation please follow the steps below:

1. Access your cPanel and follow the link to Softaculous from the “Software/Services” tab.
2. Find the application which you want to import from the left menu. You can also use the “Search” functionality.
3. On the software page you will see several tabs. Click the “Import” tab which will open a new page “Import Software”.
4. On the new page you will see two sections – “Choose Domain” and “In Directory”. If your application is installed in the public_html folder and is accessible via your main domain name leave the fields empty and click “Import”. If the application is in a sub-folder type the name of the sub-folder in the “In Directory” field and click “Import”.

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