How do I login to my Client Area account?

Libyan Spider Client Area is a control panel for customer services where you can manage all of your Products & Services, clients can login to their accounts safely and get a full control to all domains and services.

You can login to your Client Area by following these steps:

  1. Visit Libyan Spider website, and click on Login.
  2. Enter your email address registered with us and your password and click Login.login-2

More Information:

As you can you see in the above picture, there is a “Remember Me” checkbox, when it’s checked your login will be remembered for up to 30 days, even after you close your browser. The next time you open the same browser within 30 days, you will be automatically logged in. However, to protect the security of your online information, including email, we encourages users to logout at the end of each session, and not use the “Remember Me” feature, especially on any public computer, in Internet cafes, or anywhere else where you cannot control access.

In case you forgot your password, you can click on “Forgot Password?” button and you will be asked for your email address.


The next step will ask you to answer the security question that you have setup on your account when you signed in.

Once you complete, you will receive a validation email with a link to reset your password. If you ignore this email, it will expire and become useless in 2 hours time.

For further questions, you can Submit a ticket or you can visit our Support center.

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