How to manage Email Accounts in ISPManager Control Panel?


In ISPManager, email accounts are managed from Mail domains, where you can create email accounts, set up mail forwarding and auto-responders. You can also manage existing e-mail accounts.

This article will show you how to create an email account from ISPManager control panel.

  1. Click on Domains > Mail Domains then select the required domain name and click on MailBoxes.
  2. Here you can Add, Edit or Delete account. You can also manage Auto-Responders, Enable/Disable accounts, and change account Settings. To create an account click on Add. 
  3. Enter your email information on the next page, and click Ok.
    Name: This is the first part of your email address before the ‘@’ sign.
    Domain: If you have more than one domain name, you can click the small arrow on the right to select which domain the address will be created for.
    Aliases (Optional): If you would like to create an alias for your email account, for example, if you want “” to also get any emails sent to “”, then you would enter “info” as Aliases.
    Password: Choose as strong password for your email account. You can click the ‘Lock’ icon to have a random password generated for you..
    Confirmation: Confirm your chosen password.
    Send a copy to (Optional): (Forwarding) Enter an external email address here in case you want to send a copy of any incoming messages to the created email to an external mailbox.
    Disk Space: This sets the maximum size of the mailbox, in megabytes (MB). By default, this is set to ‘unlimited’.


If you need more information or had trouble following any of those steps, please Submit a ticket or visit our support center.

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