My domain is down! What’s wrong?

Try accessing your site via the server IP. To do so, connect to FTP using the server IP as the host, and to your site on the web with your preview URL, http://serverIP/~username

If you can connect to the server IP, then there is a DNS error with your ISP, which will be resolved when they update their DNS tables (which every ISP usually does once every 24-48 hours). Until it is resolved, you can access webmail by logging in to http://serverIP/cpanel and clicking on webmail, or by using the server IP as the mail server. You can also try using our proxy browsing utility.

If you cannot access the IP, there is a connection down somewhere between the server and your ISP, which you can find by doing a traceroute. To perform a traceroute on Windows:

  • Click the “Start” button
  • Click “Run”
  • Type in “command” or “cmd”
  • In the command window, type “cd.” until you are in C: Type “tracert”

This will count the hops to the server, and the time it takes to connect. If you see “Request timed out,” that’s where the connection is broken. Unfortunately there is nothing you or we can do, in this case, until the line is repaired by whichever telecommunications company is responsible for it.

You can perform a traceroute from a remote system (to see if another system can access it) by going to and entering your domain name in the “tracert” box.

Finally, when you log in to your account info you will see a server status indicator, which will indicate whether or not the server can connect to your server.

If all of these steps still indicate that the server is actually offline, please submit a support ticket.

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