Navigating Zimbra Desktop

When you open Zimbra Desktop, you see a full screen view similar to the one shown below.


The Zimbra Desktop main page includes the following areas:

  1. Search Bar Row. The Search and Advanced Search are displayed in this area. The account Setup and Help links are on the right.
  2. Application Tabs. The applications that you can access are listed in the tabs at the top.
  3. Toolbar. Shows actions available for the application you are currently using. In this example, the Mail application toolbar is displayed.
  4. Content Pane. The content of this area changes depending on what application is in use. In the Inbox view, it displays all messages or conversations in your Inbox. In the screen on this page, the Reading Pane is the area below the messages in your Inbox. When you click on an email message, the message displays in a reading pane below the messages list.  To adjust the size of the Reading Pane, click then drag the divider bar up or down. By default, viewing messages in the Reading Pane is on.  You can move the reading pane to the left or turn the Reading Pane off from the toolbar View link.
  5. Overview Pane. Displays your different accounts. Each account name is displayed. This example shows the All Mailboxes layout.  All messages from each of your accounts for Inbox, Sent, and Drafts are combined under this section. This preference can be set from the Preferences>General page.Each account includes the following folders:
    • Folders, including the system folders Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Junk, and Trash, as well as any custom folders you may have created
    • Searches you may have saved
    • Tags you created
    • Zimlet links that may have been created to integrate with third-party applications from within your mailbox.
  6. A mini-calendar can be displayed below the Overview pane. Displaying the mini-calendar is optional and can be enabled in Preferences>Calendar page.

Opening Zimbra Desktop

Whenever you access the Internet, if your account is set up for auto-sync, new email messages are automatically downloaded to your Zimbra Desktop. You do not need to open Desktop to make this happen.  An envelope icon displays in the Windows Tray (or in the Mac Dock row) that shows the total number of new messages across all of your accounts since the last time Zimbra Desktop synced. Click the envelope icon to open the desktop application.mailicon.png


Mail and Appointment Notification

Automatic mail and appointment notification can be set up. Several different notification options are available.

  • For Windows, the notification is displayed as a system tray balloon envelope icon. For Mac, you must install Growl before mail and appointment notification will work.  You will also need to enable Show a popup notification in Preferences>Mail and >Calendar. Note: This feature is not available for Linux.


  • In Preferences>Mail and >Calendar, you can also set up other notification actions including play a sound, highlight the Mail or Calendar tab, or have the browser’s title flash. The pop-up notifications are per accounts settings. You can have some accounts on and some accounts off.

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