Reset Windows Administrator Password for Windows VPS

This article applied only for windows VPS users. tested on windows server 2008 R2

1 – Login into client area

2 – Hosting & Services —> My Hosting —> Windows VPS product from list and click “View Details ”


3- Click “Control Panel” to login into “Solusvm Control Panel ”


4- Set boot sequence to CDRom only


select UBC from CDROM Tab


5- Reboot then go into the VNC. (Console)

6- Open HDD


7- Open Data Recovery


8-  Open Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.


9- Press Enter to boot

10- Press 2 and then Press Enter

11- If ask “Do you wish to force it” then enter “y” (without quotas) and then Press Enter

12- Press Enter

13- Press 1 for password reset

15- Press 1 to edit user data and passwords

16- Type Administrator

– Press 1 to clear Passwod
– Press ! to quit
– Press q to quit

17- Once you change or clear your administrator password then

Press y to save.
Press n to new run.

18 – Restore default configuration.

Close the VNC and go back to main view.

Unmount the Ultimate CD and mount your Windows CD.

Set boot sequence back to “(1) Hard Disk (2) CDROM”

Shut down and boot up.

Go back into the VNC and start windows normally.

Your Admin password is now blank and needs to be set.

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