Setting Email and SMS Reminder Notification Zimbra Service

Setting Email and SMS Reminder Notification

You can set up to have appointment and task reminders sent to you through email and as a text message to your mobile device.  The reminder is sent according to the Reminder time that is configured in the task or appointment.

Reminder notification is set up in the Preferences>Notification folder.

For email notification, in the Notification by Email section:

1. Enter the email address that should be sent the reminder.

2. Click Save.

For SMS notification, in the Notifications by SMS section:

1. Select your country from the Region drop-down menu. our provider is Libya

2. Select your phone carrier from the Carrier drop-down menu. ( LibyanSpider)


3. Enter your phone number in the Phone Number field.  in format 21892xxxxxxx or 21891xxxxx



4. Click Send Verification Code.  A text message is sent to your phone.

5. Enter the code you received in the message in the Verification Code field.

6. Click Validate Code. The Status field shows the confirmed number.


7. Click Save.

8. now you can choose reminder when you set “Task or Calender appointment”

zsms6*Notice: This service available only from webmail and not available from zimbra desktop.

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