Zimbra – Setting Junk Mail Options

You can set up your mail preferences to identify specific addresses to block or not block in your mailbox. You can create a list of addresses that should not be added to your Inbox and addresses that always should be added to your Inbox, but could be detected as spam. The spam filter uses this list to make sure you get the email you expect.

How to set up your Spam Mail Options:

1. Go to Preferences and select Mail page.

2. On the page that opens, scroll to the Spam Mail Options section.

spam options

3. Enter complete email addresses in the appropriate boxes, either Block messages from or Allow messages from. You can enter up to 100 addresses for each.

In the Block messages from section, specify email addresses from senders that should always be treated as junk and you will not receive emails from them.

In the Allow messages from section, specify email addresses of people you trust so that their messages are not sent to your Junk folder. Messages from these email addresses are never blocked. You do not need to add all your trusted addressed to this list. Add addresses to this list that for some reason end up in your Junk folder and you do not want them there, such as newsletters you subscribe to.

4. Click Save on the toolbar.


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