How do I setup a Catch-all address?

The default or catch-all address is the one to which all e-mails, addressed to a non-available or mistakenly entered email account at your domain name are routed to. In case someone sends an email to and you do not have such mailbox, the catch-all option will forward this email to your default email address.

Step One

First login to your cPanel.

Browse to your website cPanel (eg: )

  • Enter your Username.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click Log in.

cPanel login

Step Two

In the search box, search for Default Address and click the result or scroll down to Email > Default Address.

search for default address

Step Three

From the Managing drop-down menu select the (sub)domain for which you would like to set up a default address.

You have several options to choose from:

  1. You can discard all unrouted mail with an error to the senders; in this case you should type in the message which will be sent to the senders.
  2. If you choose to Forward all unrouted mail to an email address;  you should type in the address in the field.
  3. From the Advanced Options, you can forward invalid email addresses to the system account.
  4. Pipe it to a program.
  5. or you can choose to discard all unrouted mail.

Please check the default email from time to time to ensure that it is not filled up with needed/unneeded messages.

default email settings


For further questions, you can Submit a ticket or you can visit our support center.

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