How to setup POP3/IMAP Email Account in Android Devices

This guideline is applicable for the first time user to configure mail account under Android

Photos are taken from Samsung Galaxy Note II device.
Replace ( to your full domain-name in all next steps.

  • Access to Application list and tab on “Email” icon under Apps.

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_11

  • Enter your “Email” and password.
  • Tab on “Manual setup”

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_2

  • Continue with select “POP3 or IMAP account

Note: Check out this tutorial to see the difference between POP and IMAP Click Here.

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_3

  • Set (Incoming Server Settings) with information as stated.
    Username : Your email address (eg :
    Password : Your email login password
    POP3 server : (eg :
    Security type : None
    Port : 110
    Delete email from server : Never.

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_4

  • Complete and proceed to tab on “Next” button and now you will require to complete information for (Outgoing Server Settings).
    SMTP server : (eg :
    Security Type : None
    Port : 25
    Please tick on checkbox “Require sign-in
    Username : Your email address (eg :
    Password : Your email login password
    Complete and tab on “Next” button

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_5

  • Please keep the setting as screen shot below. Tick the checkbox “Send email from this account by default” and “Notify me when email arrives“. Tab on the “Next” button once complete.

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_6

  • You will now lead to another screen call (Set up Email). Complete the column for below
    Give this account a name (Optional) : Self reference account description
    Your Name (Displayed on outgoing messages) : name of sender to be appear on recipient ends
  • Tap Done.

POP3,IMAP mail account on  Android_7

Your device now is configured to send and receive your domain email.

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