How to Switch your Email Client from Port 25 to Port 465 – Thunderbird Mail

This article will show you how to configure your Thunderbird email client to use port 465 for outgoing messages, as well as how to configure SSL encryption for outgoing and incoming messages.

To configure your mail client please follow these steps:

Step One

  • Load mozilla thunderbird software

Step Two

  • Under Accounts section for your email click View settings for this account.

Step Three

  • On the left side, click on Server Settings under the email account you would like to modify
  • Check that your Server Name is in the format: mail.<yourdomain>
  • Select SSL/TLS for Connection Security
  • Click Ok

 Step Four

  • In settings list select Outgoing Server (SMTP) then click Edit

Step Five

  • Select SSL/TLS for Connection Security
  • Change Port number to 465
  • Click Ok to save your changes.

Step Six

Test sending message to and from your email. If you have any problems, please Submit a ticket or visit our support center.