Website Builder

Login to Control Panel

Firstly Login to your Control Panel (e.g. cPanel’s URL will be and log in with your details. There click on the Website Builder Icon or Link.

You will be redirected to  Website Builder.

Select A Theme

Once you are redirected to Website Builder. You will need to select a Theme for your website.

You can click on either option and you will be redirected to our Theme directory where you will need to select/choose a theme for your website. You can also search for a Theme through Theme Search Option. Checkout Theme details. Once you find a theme suitable for your website you can click on the Activate button to Set the theme as a default theme for your Website Editing.


When a theme is Activated. You can check out for a preview of this Theme.


Click on  Preview.

Adding/Editing Pages

You can now Add new pages or Edit pages for your website.


You can click on either option i.e Add Page or Click on Pages option to Select All Pages. When you select All Pages you can see certain options such as Edit Page, Delete Page, View Page etc.

**Note: Do not delete Header and Footer page

If you Select to Add New Page/Edit Page option. Then you will be redirected to Edit Page where you can Edit Page. If you select to Add new Page the page title will be New Page and Page URL will be Page. You can change these both to your desire Page name and URL. By default, the new page gets Added on the Menu Bar once you update the Menu Name changes to that of the Page Title.


You can also drag and drop different Widgets where ever you want to see the elements. There are many different Widgets like Title, Paragraph, Slider, Service Box, Rich Text, Images, Videos, etc.


When the item is dropped on a particular position to Edit you will be able to find Action bar, Advance Option to Customize etc. for different types of Widgets.

Action Bar for Title

Advanced Option to Customize the Widget



You can select from a different range of 40+ Widgets.

Duplicate a Widget or Delete a Widgets


After you Finish Editing your work you can Publish your Website or you can update it and later on Publish it.

You can find these Finishing Option on the upper right corner of the editor.

After you click on Publish button you will see the progress bar. Once the progress bar is complete you will find visit website button you can check the website you Published.



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