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Adding new contacts

You can add new contacts from the toolbar by clicking the arrow in the newwitharrow.gif button, or by right-clicking a name in a message header and choosing Contacts.

To create a contact, you can just add a name or you can add detailed information about your contacts, including multiple email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses and a picture.

To add a new contact
  1. From the toolbar, click the arrow next to New and select Contact. The contact form opens.
  2. Enter the contact name. Click AB_dropdownarrow.png to add additional names such as the middle name or department name.  
  3. Enter other contact information and upload a photo of this contact. The image file must be accessible from your computer.
    • The  AB_plussign.png sign represents fields that can have more than one entry, and the entry can be identified with a specific label. For instance the phone number can be labeled as Mobile, Work, Home, or  Fax.
    • The field labeled Other allows you to enter custom fields. Two custom fields are identified, Birthday and Anniversary. You can create additional custom fields.
      • Where “Birthday” is displayed, click the menu and select Custom to add a custom field.
      • Change “Custom” to a title for this field and enter the information in the Enter text box.
  1. In File as, (on the right) select how you want the name to display in your address book. The default is to file the contact by last name, first name, but you can file by First, Last, or by Company.
  2. In Location, (on the right) select the address book to store the name.
  3. Click Save.

Note:   Only the Zimbra account names that are added to your Zimbra Desktop contact lists are synced back to your account.


To add a new contact from an existing mail message
  1. Open the mail message, the header is displayed in gray at top of the message detail pane. You can add email addresses in the From:,  To:,  Cc:, and Bcc: fields.
  2. Right-click the name to add to your contact list and choose Add to Contacts.
  3. The contact form opens pre-populated with whatever information is available from the email header. Add additional information and check the pre-populated fields for correctness as well.
  4. In File As, select how you want to file the name. The default is to file the contact by last name, first name.
  5. In Location, select the address book to store the name.
  6. Click Save.

Source : zimbra.com

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