Zimbra – Creating a Filter from the Mail Filters folder

1. Select the Preferences  > Filters page.

2. Choose Incoming Message Filter and Click New Filter .


3. Type the name for the rule into the Filter Name field.


4. In the If the following conditions are met area, choose a grouping preference.

Any means that if any of the conditions in the filter are met, apply the action.

All means that all of the conditions in the filter must be met to apply the filter action.


Steps 5-13 can be repeated to set up multiple conditions and actions within a single filter:

5. Select from the first drop-down list which part of the email to filter.


6. Choose a comparison method. The options shown depend on your choice in the previous step.


7. Enter a word or phrase to compare against in the text field.

8. Click [+]to add more conditions, if needed. You can continue to add more conditions or proceed to add one or more actions.

9. Choose an action from the drop-down list in the Perform the following actions area.


10. Select Browse to find a folder or tag name, if necessary. What you specify depends on the action you chose in the previous step.


11. Click [+] to add more actions if you would like.

12. If not already checked, check Active (upper right corner of Add Filter box) to turn on the filter rule.

13.Click finish. Now the filter will be applied automatically to all new incoming email messages as they arrive.


In the above example, any email comes exactly from support@libyanspider.com will be moved to the LibyanSpider emails folder.


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