Zimbra – Exporting address books

Your  contact lists are exported and saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format.

Exporting Contact Lists

  1. Go to Preferences>Import/Export
  2. In Export, select the Type as Contacts
  3. Select the contact format to export the contact file as.
    • Windows Live Contacts
    • Outlook contacts
    • Account contacts (this keeps the contact information in the same format is it is in)
    • Thunderbird
    • Outlook 2003
    • Yahoo contacts
  1.  In Source select the contact list to export. Click OK.
  2. Click Export.
  3. In the dialog that opens, select Save File and select where to save the file. Click OK.

The contacts file is saved as an .csv file, with the contact information organized for the format you selected.

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