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Mobile Devices
(ZCS Network Edition only)
If you have the Mobile feature enabled, the Mobile Device page is available from the Preferences tab. This page shows mobile devices you configured to sync with your ZWC account. From this page, you can sync from the server to your mobile device or suspend a sync. You can also delete mobile devices you no longer use.
Wiping Your Mobile Device
If your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can remove all the content on the device using the Wipe Device link on the page. This command erases all data on the device and returns the device to the original factory settings.
Do not run this command to clean up a device that you still have in your possession.
To wipe a lost or stolen device
Click Preferences and select the Mobile Device page.
Select the device to wipe and click Wipe Device.
The status will show Wipe Pending. The server is waiting for the device to connect to the server to initiate the request. When the device connects to the server, the device is wiped. The status changes to Wipe Complete.
If you find the device before it is connected to the server, you can cancel the wipe device request as long as the status is Wipe Pending.
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