Zimbra – Send Email Later

A user can delay delivery of an email message and specify the date and time to deliver the message from the Send dropdown menu and selecting Send later. The message is saved in the drafts folder until it is sent. This feature is enabled by the administrator.

send timer

Select the sending time that you want and click on OK.

send timer2

The message is saved now in the drafts folder until it is sent.


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Comment 1

Parvez Siddique


Can you tell me if the send later feature is available on the online environment or only on the windows version? I have office 365 and even though this syncs to the desktop version of outlook where there is a send later facility, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because the scheduled emails are placed in the outbox and and because for some reason Microsoft has decided that the outbox should not sync with the online version. The send later facility is not available on the online environment, though it is possible to add a commercial plugin called boomerang. So I am thinking about moving to Zimbra.


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