Zimbra – Set Automatic Bcc

One purpose of Outgoing Mail Filters feature in Zimbra Web Interface is to make the sent emails to be send automatically to the addresses you specify as Bcc recipient. For example, when you send an email to user@domain.com, it will send automatically the same email to user2@domain.com.

To create automatic Bcc recipient, please follow the next steps:

1. Login to your zimbra web interface account.
2. Click on “Preferences” > “Filters” > “Outgoing Message Filter” > “New Filter”

Automatic BCC

4. Enter the name of filter, “Automatic Bcc” as an example.
5. Choose “Any” in “of the following conditions are met”
6. Choose “Size” then “Over” and enter 0 value in the empty box.
7. Click on “+” sign and choose as previous step but replace “Over” to “under”.
8. Choose “Redirect to Address” and enter the email address that you want to be in Bcc.
9. Click OK.

Automatic BCC2

Now a copy of sent emails will send automatically to the email address that you specify without added in Bcc recipient each time.



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