Zimbra – Sharing your Account Folders

Sharing Your Account Folders
Sharing Your Account Folders how to:
Share folders from your Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, Documents notebooks, and Briefcase folders
Set up sharing with others
Cancel a shared folder
Accept a share invitation
Work in shared folder
Link to a shared folder
You can share your mail folders, address books, calendars, task lists, Documents notebooks, and Briefcase folders. Sharing your ZWC items lets you collaborate with others, letting them make changes to or just view the folder details. The process to share a folder is as follows:
The grantor selects the folder to share: email folder, address book, calendar, notebook, task list, or Briefcase folder.
The grantor decides with whom to share and the access privileges, the grantee can have, and then sends them an invitation.
The grantee accepts the invitation and gets access to the shared folder.

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