Zimbra – Using Task List

Using Task Lists
Using Task Lists explains how to:
Create a new task list
Manage your tasks and task lists
You can use your task lists to create and track the progress of a task. In addition, you can write notes within your task and attach files for easy access from within the task. Having all the relevant information with your task is useful when you share your task list with others.
To view your task lists, select the Tasks tab in ZWC.
For simple tasks, all you may need to do is create a task from the Content pane. If a task needs to be managed, you can add more details, define a start and due date, set the priority to the task – high, normal, or low, and keep track of the progress and percentage complete.
You can enable a Preview pane to view the content of a task without opening the task. The Preview pane can display either at the bottom of the Content pane or on the right. Click View on the Task toolbar to select how to display the Preview pane.
When the Preview pane is at the bottom, the Task list view doesa not change. When the Preview pane is on the right, the Task list view does not show the status of a task and the percentage complete is shown as a progress bar.

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