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Logging In
Open a browser window and enter the URL provided by welcome. In most cases, Advanced is the default client and is opened automatically when you log in.
Before you enter your name and password, you can switch to the standard web client or to the mobile client.
You can change the default from your Preferences>General page after you log in.
To change the default after logging in:
Select the Preferences > General page.
Select either Advanced or Standard in the Login Options section.
Click Save.
The next time you log in, your selection will be the default.
To log in:
Open a browser window and enter the URL provided by your Zimbra administrator.
For example:
http://mail.domain.com/  check welcome Email
When the login screen appears, type your user name. You may be required to type your full email address as the user name and your password.
Example of a full email address, type:
Your password displays as ****** on-screen, to protect your privacy.
To be remembered on this computer until the session expires or you log out, check Remember me on this computer.
If you check this, you will not have to log in every time you restart the browser during a day.  When this is checked and you do not log out, your session remains active until the session expires. The system administrator configures how long a session is active.
Note: If you leave your web client open in your browser but do not access your mailbox for a period of time, your session may time out and then you will need to log back in.
If you do not want the default client type, change the version displayed.
Click Log In.
To log out:
To prevent others from logging in to your email account, you should always use the Log Out link to close your session.
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