Zimbra – Working in Briefcase

Working in Briefcase
Working in Briefcase explains how to:
Create Briefcase folders
Upload any type of file to your Briefcase
Save attachments sent in email messages to your Briefcase
Work in files in Briefcase
Create new document pages
Briefcase can be used to share and manage documents that you create in Briefcase or documents and images that you upload to your Briefcase folders. Use Briefcase to save files in your ZWC account so that you can access these files whenever you log in to your account from any computer.
You can share your briefcases folders with others who can view and edit the files in the shared Briefcase.
You can create multiple briefcase folders and then upload any type of file from your computer or your computer network, save attachments sent with your email messages, and create new documents.
Files in Briefcase are copies of the original file, whether the file is on your computer or an attachment to your email. Changes you make to files in your briefcase do not change the original file.
Note: Files in your Briefcase can also be accessed from a WebDAV Client.

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