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Acronis Disaster Recovery

Protect your business thoroughly & effortlessly.

Acronis Disaster Recovery

Advanced Protection For Your Data, System, And Files

A complete integrated cloud solution for cyber security. Acronis Cyber Cloud combines all advanced cyber protection features in a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard, including advanced backup, recovery, and data protection against malware.

Acronis Disaster Recovery

Time Is Money, Save Them Both With Ease Of Mind

  • acronis feat oneclick

    Disaster Recovery with a few clicks

    Set up your backups for files, systems, or entire servers, schedule them in short backup windows and restore them all quickly in a few easy steps.

  • acronis feat

    Complete efficiency

    A smooth and fast cloud solution that requires zero infrastructure investment.

  • fully secured

    Fully secured

    Certified Cloud data centers provide secure storage with fully encrypted backups.

acronis dash

Single dashboard, multiple functions

The user-friendly web-based console lets you quickly implement most cyber security activities, including disaster recovery practices like network configuration, failover testing, and failback.

NIST framework

Acronis aligns with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework, which consists of five principles to protect your business:


Vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and perform auto-discovery of devices in your network


In a data loss scenario, we can quickly remediate and restore lost data and systems remotely to complete operations with little to no downtime and perform an entire forensic investigation


Threats and provide robust defenses against malware/ransomware


Using Cyber Protection Operations Center alerts and support in the event of a cyberattack


With best practices in security, management, software updates, and more


Backup and disaster recovery in minutes
Continuous Data Protection
Disaster recovery orchestration
Central Management of multiple accounts
Backup-based replication of production machines
Protecting virtual and physical workloads
Under 15-minute RPOs and RTOs
Instant off-site failover to the cloud recovery site
What is a disaster recovery solution?

Disaster recovery solutions allow companies to quickly resume business-critical workloads after cyberattacks, natural disasters, or server failures. The disaster recovery process typically involves a different physical or cloud site to restore data. Every disaster recovery solution aims to help businesses operate as usual. Since business continuity depends on availability, disaster recovery strategies depend on tight RPOs and RTOs.

What’s the difference between RPO and RTO?

A Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the point in time that data, systems, and applications will be recovered. A Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is how much time can pass before your business must be restored.

What’s the difference between backup and disaster recovery solutions?

Backups are simple; they are a copy of your corporate systems and data that can be used to bring a failed system back online. Disaster recovery refers to a more advanced form of system copies that include processing capabilities.

What goes into a disaster recovery plan?

Your business has its unique data requirements so a good plan will minimize the complexity of the disaster recovery process. To define the correct approach to creating a disaster recovery plan for your business, you must assess the applications, process, and cost versus risk.

What data should I back up for effective disaster recovery?

For reliable disaster recovery, you need to look beyond simply copying all of your databases and files. Your entire infrastructure contains vital production data – servers, PCs, NAS, SAN, hypervisors, and endpoints. You’ll need to capture application settings, operating system configurations, bookmarks, and registry data for a full recovery.

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