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Load Balancers as a Service

Improve your app availability and performance

Load Balancers-as-a-Service

Scale Your Apps In A Few Clicks

Handle increased loads easily & automatically. Deploy our fully managed and ready-to-use Load Balancers with a few clicks and keep your applications always available, stable and reliable.

The Simple Way To Load Balancing

  • Availability
    High Availability

    Our load balancers are always monitored to make sure it’s always available and continuously working.

  • Flexibility & scalability
    Flexibility & scalability

    Simply resize your load balancers and scale your apps easily with automatic traffic routing for any workload.

  • cloudflare
    Compatible with LS Cloud Kubernetes

    Add Load Balancers to your LS Kubernetes Clusters with complete ease.

    lbaas ls
    Easy To Deploy,
    Easy To Manage

    Set up and deploy our fully-managed, cloud-based Load Balancers in seconds and manage them easily and smoothly through our user-friendly control panel.

    A must-have for critical workloads

    Load Balancers distribute incoming traffic intelligently across your infrastructure to increase your application’s availability and reliability, as well as maintain the critical uptime & performance of your high-traffic apps and websites, so you can be sure your compute resources run smoothly at all times.

    Powerful Features
    health monitor
    Built-in health monitoring
    traffic icon
    Intelligent traffic routing
    Fully managed, cloud-based service
    SSL Supported
    Load balance LS Cloud Kubernetes
    Provision and management via self-service portal
    What is Load Balancing?

    Load balancing allows you to distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers so that no one server takes on all the demand. This allows high traffic sites and applications to field a large number of users without performance degradation. It also allows you to scale a site or application by adding more servers as your need grows, or removing them if your need diminishes.

    What is Load Balancers-as-a-Service (LBaaS)?

    Our Load Balancers (LBaaS) are a fully-managed, highly available network load balancing service. They are built for high availability and designed to be maintenance-free after initial configuration.

    How do I manage my Load Balancer?

    You do not have to worry about managing our Load Balancers. They are fully managed.

    How do I attach instances to my Load Balancer?

    In the LS Cloud dashboard, you will be able to assign and remove instances to a given Load Balancer.