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SSL Certificates

Protect data, show them you’re secure

SSL Certificates

Establish Your Trustworthiness

Protect your website’s -and visitors’- data by establishing a secure connection and data encryption provided by the SSL Certificate and let all your visitors know your website is safe & secure with the distinguished padlock sign and https:// prefix on your domain.

Choose Your SSL Certificate

Libyan Spider provides you with the most trusted SSL brands.

Product NameAmountValidation Site Seal
ssl icon table
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

800.00 LYD

ssl icon table
GeoTrust True BusinessID

805.00 LYD



ssl icon table
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard

3000.00 LYD



ssl icon table
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV

1620.00 LYD



ssl icon table
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain

1860.00 LYD

Product NameAmountValidation Site Seal
ssl icon table

150.00 LYD



ssl icon table
RapidSSL Wildcard

940.00 LYD



thawte logo
Product NameAmount
ssl icon table
thawte SSL Web Server

800.00 LYD

Comodo logo
Product NameAmount
ssl icon table

355.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo SSL

400.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL

1330.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo Wildcard DV

2000.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL (OV)

3130.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo Unified Communications Certificate OV

1152.00 LYD

ssl icon table
Comodo Unified Communications Wildcard Certificate OV

1800.00 LYD

ssl panel

Security And Data Encryption Is No Longer Optional

The “Not Secure”-flagged websites are not welcome anymore. SSL Certificate is no longer a matter of choice, it’s a standard requirement in the basics of websites’ safety in today’s world. Data encryption and secure connection eliminates the risk of the emerging cyber attacks that could exploit any vulnerability.

secure shield
More Than Protection

SSL Certificate Is A Must-Have For Websites, And We’re Not Just Talking About Security

  • customer trust

    Build Your Customer’s Trust

    Show your customers that your online business is secured and verified by letting them know their sensitive data and online payments are completely protected.

  • seo increase

    Increase Your Seo Ranking

    Secured websites are more likely to rank higher in search engine results, as security is a primary ranking factor.

  • browser friendly

    Stay Browser-Friendly

    If your website doesn’t have an SSL Certificate, most world-famous web browsers will flag it as “not secure” with a warning sign, and some browsers would go as far as to block it.

    secure client
    Secured Client Data
    data encrypt
    256-bit data encryption
    PCI/DSS Compliant
    Malware protection
    Padlock icon and https:// prefix
    Tech Support
    Expert technical support
    What is SSL?

    SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a cyber-security protocol that digitally encrypts information sent from a browser to a server. SSL certificates are used to protect sensitive information like credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, email addresses, and more. A website with an SSL certificate is identified using a number of trust indicators, like “https” and the padlock icon in the browser bar, a site seal from a reputable Certificate Authority (CA), and a green bar that wraps around the URL on more premium certificates.

    What are the different types of SSL certificates?

    The main classifications of SSL certificate types are:

    • Domain Validation (DV).
      Requires verification of domain name ownership only. Suitable for blogs, personal websites, or any website that does not conduct transactions or collect personal information from users.
    • Organization Validation (OV).
      Requires verification of domain name ownership in addition to verification of the organization or company associated with it. Suitable for corporate and business websites.
    • Extended Validation (EV).
      Highly verified SSL certificates. Require verification of the owner of the domain name and the institution in addition to the legal identity of the activity of the company in question. Suitable for banks, e-commerce and commercial institutions websites.
    How many separate domains can I protect with SSL Certificates?

    SSL Certificates are also classified depending on the number of domains secured:

    • Standard SSL (Single domain) certificates: Secures a single unique domain or subdomain.
    • Wildcard SSL certificates: Secures multiple subdomains under a single unique domain.
    • Multi-domain SSL certificates: Secures multiple unique domains and subdomains with a single certificate.
    What is the difference between free and paid certificates?
    • Free security certificates only verifies the domain name on which they are issued, i.e. if the site is a (blog, personal website, etc.) it will be appropriate to use free security certificates in this case.
    • Paid SSL certificates have higher levels of authentication available that can provide users with some verified details, not only about the domain they are on but about the company or organization behind it. This is sometimes called Business Authentication.
    • Free security certificates only support the DV classification, and do not support the other classifications OV and EV.
    • OV & EV certificates come with visual indicators such as the green title bar. While free SSL certificates do not offer such perks.
    • Free SSL certificates do not provide warranty and technical support when something goes wrong on certificates of authenticity, unlike paid security certificates.