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Premium DNS Cloud Hosting

Improved performance, reliability and security

Premium DNS Cloud Hosting

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Our cloud-based Premium DNS service provides you with a worldwide network of DNS servers that resolves your DNS requests for a safer, faster and reliable website performance.

A Must For All Businesses

  • Online

    Always online

    Rest assured that your website will always be up & running through multiple worldwide DNS servers.

  • speed

    More speed

    The geographical distribution of the servers means faster response, as visitors searching your site get connected to the closest server location.

  • Security

    Better Security

    Your DNS information is distributed on multiple servers built to withstand DNS DDoS threats or re-route your traffic to another node if needed.

    Easy management

    Easy Management And Complete Control

    Our DNS hosting tool gives you full control of your domain’s DNS zone file. You will be able to specify or modify multiple subdomains, Host (A) records, Mail Exchangers (MX), Aliases (CNAME), Text (TXT) records and custom (FORWARDER) records. All of which in a 100% web based solution for easy management at any time.

    uptime guarantee
    99.99% Uptime Guarantee
    Manage unlimited domains
    Manage Unlimited Domains (Zones)
    Manage unlimited domains (zones)
    All DNS record types
    All DNS Record Types
    Reliable Global Network Of Name Servers
    Easy To Use, Easy To Manage
    What is Premium DNS?

    Premium DNS management offers peace of mind through a more advanced level of support and security. You can rest assured knowing that your website will never go offline. Premium DNS offers reliability and superior performance by distributing your DNS information on multiple servers around the world, so visitors to your site get connected to the closest server location, for a fast response. With this service, you can maintain full control of your website by administering changes to and settings for your domain names.

    What’s the difference between DNS hosting and Premium DNS?

    Premium DNS is an improved DNS service which offers advanced features like superior security and performance for your domain, while DNS hosting is a free service that allows customers who own domains to manage their zone files.

    Why do I need Premium DNS?

    There are many reasons to pay extra for an improved DNS service. The first is performance, as most businesses cannot afford the costs of a slow or malfunctional website. But even more importantly: Security, as DDoS attacks can be extremely damaging and must be avoided at all costs.

    How will Premium DNS help me maintain a professional online presence?

    With a service like Premium DNS, slow DNS connectivity and “website not found” errors are significantly decreased. Premium DNS offers top-of-the-line backup services that ensure your domain name's DNS is stable and safe.