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.ly Domain

More Than A County-Code Domain

Search for your distinguished .ly domain name

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Thousands of .ly domains have already been registered Act quickly and grab your unique .ly domain name now with various extensions available:

Why Register A .Ly Domain?

As the country-code TLD for Libya, .ly represents your local business’s location, emphasizing your national identity, supporting national business activity and helping you reach your geographical targeted audience by:

  • Inspiring trust with local customers who are familiar with the extension

  • Enabling search engines to identify your business location.


It’s Also Fun To Own!

Not to mention it can be memorable & catchy, as there are over 18,000 in the English language that ends in (ly) which means you can own a domain that can be read as one word.

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.ly Statistics

Take a look at the numbers:

Libyan Spider has successfully registered over 15,000 domains!
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Can I register International Domain Names (IDN) under the .ly extension?

Unfortunately IDN registration is not available on the .ly system yet.

Which .ly domains are not allowed for registration?

Any .ly domain names may be registered, except domains containing obscene and indecent names/phrases, including words of a sexual nature; furthermore domain names may not contain words/phrases or abbreviations insulting religion or politics, or be related to gambling and to the lottery industry or be contrary to Libyan law or Islamic morality.
Please take a moment to read the terms of service of .ly domains on the Libyan Spider website and as well as the registry website,

Who can apply for .LY domain names?

Anyone can register any of the .LY domain names except for the,,, extensions. (These extensions require an official letter from the applicant for proof of identity).

Do you provide “domain privacy” services for .ly domains?

Currently, this service is unavailable for .ly domains but we are working to add it soon.
Please note that you do not have to supply a private address or phone number for the contact persons registered on the domain. Instead, you may supply the contact information for the organization, as long as the contact person can be reached by email.