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Kubernetes as a Service

Deploy Kubernetes clusters the easy way

Kubernetes as a Service

Kubernetes in just a few minutes

Stop wasting time and effort managing Kubernetes clusters. With our fully-managed Kubernetes Engine, you can easily deploy, manage and scale your containerized apps in minutes instead of days.

Launch faster, grow your business

  • Deploy
    Deploy With A Click

    Quickly configure, manage and deploy your clusters in simple steps and virtually no time.

  • Efficiency
    Maximize Efficiency & Reliability

    Get the most out of your resources with efficient container distribution across your cluster.

  • Scalability
    Automatic Scalability

    Ensure your application’s performance and stability by smart, automated horizontal scaling.

    Focus On Your Apps, Leave The Infrastructure To Us

    Don’t let any cluster management issues distract you from your work, our Kubernetes Engine will handle it all, With automatic health checking, monitoring and repair, you can run your apps with complete peace of mind.

    LibyanSpider Kubernetes
    Start Fast With 1-Click Apps

    Kubernetes Engine supports integration with popular Kubernetes tools, allowing you to create clusters that run pre-configured open source software with one click.

    • Helm Charts

    • Linkerd

    • Cert Manager

    • Operators

    1-Click Apps
    Kubernetes Engine Features
    High-Availability Control Plane
    Managed services
    Managed Services
    Auto upgrades
    Auto upgrades
    Persistent Storage
    Persistent Storage
    Backups & Recovery
    Load Balancing
    Load Balancing
    What is Kubernetes?

    Kubernetes is an industry-proven container management solution. Kubernetes-as-a-Service is the fastest way to begin deploying your cloud-native apps at scale.

    What is a Container?

    A container provides an isolated environment for an application, which must be managed and connected to the external world.

    What is the Kubernetes Engine (Kubernetes-as-a-Service)?

    The Kubernetes Engine is a fully-managed product offering with predictable pricing that makes Kubernetes easy to use. We manage the control plane and worker nodes and provide integration with other managed services such as Load Balancers, Block Storage, and DNS.

    Can I deploy a Bare Metal server to my Kubernetes cluster?

    Kubernetes uses virtual cloud servers. It does not support Bare Metal servers.