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Deploy apps fast & easy with JPaaS

Date: January 23, 2023

Learn the power of automation: explore the amazing potentials of the smart turnkey JPaaS solution for developers.

Today’s highly-competitive environment requires to be on top of every technical improvement and latest services in the field, avoiding all infrastructure complications, high costs and time-consuming tasks.
In this webinar, we will discover the smart and powerful features of JPaaS, the Fully managed, automated Platform-as-a-Service solution for developers that gives your apps the head start and reduces your time-to-market
Showing how you can easily deploy, scale and manage your apps in one platform with full flexibility and compatibility with all kinds of languages and tools, all within a cost-efficient pricing model based on the real consumption instead of the total server size.
Key points
Platform Overview
Setting Up Environment for a Multi-Tier Application
Auto-Clustering, Vertical and Horizontal Scaling Rules
Performing Zero-Downtime Application Rolling Update
Git Continuous Integration Auto-Deploy
Blue-Green Multi-Region Deployment with Traffic Distributor
Date & Time
January 23, 2023
11:00 AM  –
12:00 PM EET
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Ahmed Shibani
Technical Manager
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Rida Aljahmi
Marketing Specialist

Deploy apps fast & easy with JPaaS

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