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Powerful Suite for Every Business

Work seamlessly with emails, appointments, tasks, and file storage/editing from anywhere at any time with powerful security in LS Suite: the fully secured and cloud-based email and productivity solution.

LS suite for every business
Everything You Need for Your Business
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    Increase your brand awareness

    Connect your company’s domain to build brand awareness and present a more professional image with [email protected]

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    Using AI and predictive email defense software, LS Suite fights to keep your inbox safe from spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks

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    Easy access and collaboration

    Access your email, calendar, contacts and files from anywhere and on any device and collaborate with your team in real-time, while every change is saved automatically.

      Boost Productivity

      Work more efficiently on presentations, spreadsheets, calendars, documents and more with our fully integrated office suite for business.

      • Get work done, anytime, anywhere.

      • Work with multiple people in real-time.

      • Manage documents easily, save and sync files across devices.

      Powerful Security for a Protected Email

      Secure your business email with AI-based security against spam, phishing, and malware.

      • Advanced & built-in Anti-spam, Antivirus, Anti-phishing.

      • Encrypt emails and files easily to protect sensitive information.

      • Secure shared documents with password and time restrictions.

      • Set permissions for who can read, edit or delete documents.

      Features in All Plans
      Custom and Privacy-focused email
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      Reliable email with 99.9% guaranteed uptime
      Mail Storage
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      Spam Filter and Anti-Virus Protection
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      User-friendly and customizable interface
      Shared Calendar, Contacts And Tasks
      Start Your Easy Migration With Us

      Upgrade your email to LS Suite easily, fast and secure with the help of Libyan Spider. Start your journey to better productivity and enhanced protection for your email with our full support along the way so there’s no downtime, disruptions or data loss of any kind.

      What is LS Suite?

      A cloud-based professional email and productivity platform, LS Suite provides a complete business email solution that is more than just email. It’s a fully-secure communication and collaboration platform which fulfills today's businesses needs for an email that is tightly integrated with their business calendar, task management and cloud storage, with a full suite of apps and advanced security features.

      Why Should I Create a Custom Email and Not Just Use a Free Provider?

      A custom email will help you build brand credibility, look professional, and create trust. Unlike a free email account where you can only choose the beginning of your email before the @ symbol, a custom email with LS Suite will let you use your domain – so you can choose any email you'd like.
      Free email providers control your data, and they often show you advertisements. Your email data at LS Suite is protected, and we will never show you ads.

      How Do I Keep My Inbox Safe From Spam?

      Your email with LS Suite runs on artificial intelligence-based security rule engines which securely defend against spam, viruses, phishing, and malware. Spam protection is always on, so you can stay focused on the important things.

      Is My Data Secure?

      LS Suite email is completely ad-free, and we will never sell your data to third parties. Plus, LS Suite email complies with strict data privacy regulations (GDPR compliant), and your emails are automatically protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

      What Productivity Apps Are Included in Your Service?

      Our service includes a range of productivity apps designed to help you manage your work and stay organized. These apps include document creation tools (for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), a tasks tool (for tracking to-do lists and deadlines), a calendar (for scheduling appointments and meetings), and an address book (for managing your contacts). With these apps, you can stay productive and focused, and keep all your important information in one place.